Working Like A Dog

Unbelievably Hard Days Night extended Beatlemania by catapulting it into a multi-media phenomenon. They had conquered the singles chart, redefined albums, owned the EP chart and the BBC had created chart-driven TV programming to keep up with them. With Hard Day’s Night they were using film to reflect their experience of transcending the limitations of life in post-war, post-rationing Britain; releasing our sub-conscious desires and documenting them for us. Hard Days Night, their first classic album, is flawless. Read the rest of this entry »


We Wanna Be Your Band

The popular music landscape of the UK was transformed in September 1963 when She Loves You went to number one ushering in Beatlemania; the name attached to their phenomenal popularity by the Daily Mirror after their performance at Cheltenham Odeon on November 2nd. Beatlemania was stoked by the irreducable excitement of the song, it’s yeah, yeah yeah catchphrase, the maniacal media hype and the Beatles own ferocious work ethic. Fuelled by this With the Beatles remarkably became the best selling album of 1963 despite only being released on November 22nd; the same day as President Kennedy’s assassination. Read the rest of this entry »


Please Please Me isn’t a great album and you can live without it. However it is an awesome album considering it was recorded in one day! Just 13 hours and the best track was recorded last and in one take. As would become clear throughout the sixties the Beatles were breaking new ground and the album was more significant at the time than it sounds now. Read the rest of this entry »

Please Please Me (album)

The Beatles first album was called Please Please Me. In a pleasing symmetry for this blog the first Beatles song I heard was Please Please Me. I have captured that particular experience in chapter 8 of “63/68 A Visceral History“, the unpublished book that this blog is promoting. However this blog is about The Beatles albums and is designed to run up to the digital launch of the The Beatles albums on 9/9/9. I have written about the first time I heard a Beatles album, which was Please Please Me, not long after it was released on March 22nd 1963, in chapter 10 of 63/68. You can read about that in the story called From Me To You. You can also access it by clicking on Please Please Me in the Pages section on the left.

So a little context concerning what was happening when it was released in 1963. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to 9 After 909

Hi, this is a blog promoting my book 63/68 A Visceral History. It is called 9 after 909 because The Beatles are releasing all their albums digitally for the first time on 9/9/9; the last great symmetric date of the naughties. This blog will be used to publish some of the chapters from 63/68 and to comment on each of the Beatles album’s as I heard them at the time.

move over honey!

9 after 909 will review Beatles albums, tell stories about the twentieth century and promote the book 63/68 A Visceral History