Abbey Road

BBC2 in Colour

No Jack Bruce! Unbelievable it was released weeks ago and I cant get find a record shop with it anywhere. You’d think that having finally left boarding school you wouldn’t have the frustrations of being unable to do things anymore, but…

Songs for a Tailor, perhaps they’ve delivered it to Burtons and Smiths can’t get hold of their copies? Not available in York, not available in Harrogate! And Jennie has gone to teacher training college in London so I really need some musical balm. Stuck in Yorkshire and all I’m free to do is practising my driving. And my drumming. Thanks heavens for Ginger Baker and his drum solos. At least I’ve got a role model, a drum roll model at that! It’ll be too late to play the drums when we get in, I’ll have to play records. Let’s see, Quicksilver Messenger Service? Maybe, for the long grooves. Third Ear Band? Too introspective, I’ll only get depressed. Family? Too familiar, I’ll fall asleep. Led Zeppelin? Yeah! That’s a “shake out the jams” kind of album when you’ve got them old Kozmic Dazed and Confused Blues. Thanks for lending me the album Bunch! Blasting back to happiness it is then.

Oh hang on what did BBC2 say on Late Night Line Up on Wednesday about the Beatles? Yeah a preview of their new album. That’ll be on around 11 then. I wonder if Mum and Dad will stay up that late? Probably will as it’s the Beatles.  I should get us home around eight, some food, some Blues and then some quality Family time. Just get this car home from Stainforth and let Mum rustle up some dinner.

Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly

He got joo-joo eyeball, he one holy roller

Late Night Line Up, that’s a cool way to launch a new record. But where are the Beatles? No Beatles, just cartoons. Not as good as Hey Jude live last year then. Here we go and, wow that’s cool. Late night rock n’ roll, no that’s rock, sounds pretty heavy. What’s he saying?

He got hair down to his knee

Got to be a joker he just do what he please

Yeah, got to be a joker Lennon, just do what he please. Sounds like a good rocker though. Starting off with a strong track like they always do. Oh yeah, late night classic. Could end as a good day in my diary this.

He wear no shoeshine, he got toe-jam football

He got monkey finger, he shoot coca-cola

So Dad wants to go the cricket at Bradford tomorrow? Only if the weather holds up, still good enough as a distraction, I suppose.

What’s this John?

Second track on the new Beatles album Dad.

Sounds good, what’s it called?

I wasn’t paying attention, Something or other…

Well that’s a proper song for a change.

Yeah he’s right, and a good guitar solo.

He say “I know you, you know me”

One thing I can tell you is you got to be free

Oh, that’s better! A cartoon with characters that I can make out. I think this film was made in colour as it is on BBC 2. Bang, Bang, he hit him down, funny stuff. A cartoon always cheers you up after a long hard day.

Come together right now over me

So The Beatles are back together and working hard, maybe Apple will be a success after all even though they’ve shut the shop down. Bunch and I should have stolen something. Glad we went there before it was too late.

He bag production, he got walrus gumboot

He got Ono sideboard, he one spinal cracker

This is very fifties, Oh Darling? Just a fifties pastiche this, starting to go off this, come on boys hook me in. OK big Little Richard vocals from Paul, good stuff.

He got feet down below his knee

Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease

Come together right now over me

Got to be Ringo, just got to be Ringo. Nice one Ringo, Octopus Garden, under the sea like Yellow Submarine Part 2, cute and a nice cartoon. This is fun.

Mum, would you mind making me a cup of coffee please?

Not yet, I am enjoying this too, John. Are you sure you want coffee as a nightcap?

Come on Mum, I always have coffee! It’s a nightcap, it helps me sleep

[Right! Come, oh, come, come, come.]

Oh, this sounds noisy, not my cuppa tea John. I’ll make it now, three sugars?

And two coffees please Mum. It’s good having the Beatles on Late Night Line Up like this isn’t it?

If you say so John, too much for me to take in this late in the evening.

He roller-coaster, he got early warning

He got muddy water, he one mojo filter

Oh, now this sounds heavy, Led Zeppelin? 1969! Very bluesey. Wow this could be Canned Heat or a West Coast blues band. Headbanger! What a riff, the Beatles riffing! Roll over Eric Clapton and tell Jimi Hendrix the news.  Wow, this is a groove. How long is this going on for? Dad’s not going to like this. Go to bed Dad, please. And bigger and noisier and bigger and STOP!

He say “One and one and one is three”

Got to be good-looking cos he’s so hard to see

Nice chorus! Nice, nice chorus after all that noise. Here comes the pretty, pretty boy George. It’s alright! Yeah George, cool; I like this. That’s a Beatle’s hook you in before you realise it trick, good Beatles start to side two. Wow that cheers you up that does, great song, really distinctive.

Come together right now over me

Oh George Martin and his harpsichord, is it Eleanor Rigby Part Two. Because the world is round??? Sounds like All You Need is the world, maybe John? Because the wind is high, yep in Yorkshire, on the moors, the wind is high; all the bloody time.

Oh, Come together

Nice piano, this is pretty; pretty sad. MONEY spent and nowhere to go, well that’s me! New job next week I hope. That Magic Feeling nowhere to go? I need somewhere to go. That magic feeling SOMEWHERE to go boys! Jennie’s gone to London and the highlight of my week is watching BBC2 Colour TV in black and white. This is good, is it the best track so far? Or that George one? Good track.

Yeah come together

Hippy Bells! Cool. Here’s comes the Shadows cover; the Apache Albatross, very mellow. Is this a reprise of the Sun track? And in Spanish. Very lush, you lushes.

Yeah come together

Ah, a bit of rock runs through it after all, it was all going a bit Sgt Pepper there. Such a mean cluedo clue…

Yeah come together

Good Evening Good Evening, now this is a rocker! And Dad has gone to bed at last, and I think Mum might have gone off it too, I reckon. What is he saying? Chastity belt? Yeah me and Candy! It’s a chaste, chaste world living at home, but great track, is it a bit Chicago Transit Authority?

Yeah come together

Oh look out, great segue! Are they going to take a break? It’s non stop. Sundays on the phone, sounds like my love life. Good lead guitar oh two-tracks George, you must be wearing your Cream badge, oh yeah

Yeah come together

It’s getting late, nearly midnight, this is a long album, longer than Pepper anyway. Well this sounds like a cue to get up the wooden hills to Slumberland. Sounds like he has had a long drive too, like Stainforth to Harrogate tonight. I reckon I’ve got those long drives cracked, now. I need more practice in the town if I’m going to pass my test though.

Yeah come together

Big Chorus, carry that wait a long time. Yes indeed I am. Half the band are still in school, I’ve got a drum kit to practice on and no one to practice with. You are right Paul, time for a pillow I reckon, that’s the best invitation I’m gonna get…

Yeah oh, Come together

Blimey, they are rockin again, just when I was ready for bed. Mum has had enough though. Wait a Ringo drum solo! Cool! Who has he been listening too? And guitar solo’s. I’d like to see this live, all the best music is live now. This would be great live. Another headbanger and “in the end”, oh it is over and the “love you make” what? I keep trying to make love and it doesn’t happen. Too many Virgins in the world.

Yeah come together

Imagine she’s a pretty nice girl and some day I’m gonna make her mine. I should be so lucky!  Not going to happen to me. I really don’t think so. Not here and not in London. Oh well wooden hills time…

Night Mum

Night John

That was great wasn’t?

I was a bit too tired to really appreciate it and it was so long! But I think it sounded good. Are you going to buy it?

I don’t know Mum, maybe. It isn’t out til next Friday. I am looking for the Jack Bruce album at the moment and I can’t find it anywhere. Someone will buy The Beatles in York. I think I should be buying cooler stuff now I am learning the drums.



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