There’s a Place

For Tom Hanks

Can we get up yet


Can we get up yet John?

Still dark but Dave’s awake; unusual. Not unusual! It’s Christmas Day, the one day he always wakes up before me…

I’ve got my stocking, can I open it? Can I open it yet? I’m going to open it right now if you don’t wake up!

There, there’s a place
Where I can go

I’m awake! Merry Christmas Dave…

Merry Christmas John! Isn’t having chocolates for breakfast great?

I could hear that he was already eating and, probably, dribbling.

What are you eating Dave?

Terry’s chocolate orange…

When I feel low
When I feel blue

Is it cold?

It is outside!

And it’s my mind


WE’VE GOT BIKES!! – I think…

And there’s time

We’ve got to get up and find out!

You get up, you’re older. Have you got a chocolate orange as well?

When I’m alone
I think of you

Dave, there’s no heat downstairs before Dad gets up and lights the fire…

Don’t you want to see the bikes?

If we’ve got them…

Wait a moment. Mum had been unusually cheerful last night, teasing me and everything…

The things you do
Go round my head

Twist and Shout EP!

The things you’ve said

There’s a Place!! The Beatles EP!!! Thank you Mum!!!!

Like I love only you
In my mind there’s no sorrow

You’ve got the Beatles EP? From Santa?

Don’t you know that it’s so  

At last!!

Well go and play it then!

What shall I do first? Bikes or Beatles?

Beatles! Bring Mum’s record player in here then we can listen to it and eat more chocolate. I’ve got a selection box as well…

There’ll be no sad tomorrow
Don’t you know that it’s so

I put the record on and we snuggled back under our bedclothes for the next 3 and a half minutes; then I turned it over; secretly…

There, there’s a place
Where I can go

   That was great! I’ve eaten all the chocolate now. Go and see if we’ve got the bikes.

I leapt out of bed, energised by being the proud owner of a Beatles EP. One step up on the Beatles fan club ladder. I don’t have an album like Tony but I now own one single and one EP. An EP, that was featured on the Royal Variety Performance last month (“just rattle your jewellery”)


When I feel low

It was really cold downstairs. A Yorkshire Christmas and Dad still hadn’t lit the fire. It was already 6.30 and we’d only had chocolate to eat.

When I feel blue

I did have a bike! And a metallic blue one just like I’d asked for! And it was bigger than Dave’s!!! Too right, he’s 2 years and 5 months younger than me; even if he is the biggest kid in his year…

And it’s my mind
And there’s time

 Yeah! We’ve got bikes… Dave we got bikes!!

When I’m alone

  John is that you?

  Yes Dad! Thanks for the bikes Dad!! Merry Christmas Dad!!!

  Put the kettle on John, I’ll be right down to light the fire; just a second

There’s a place

  Merry Christmas Dad! Twist and Shout for breakfast it is!

There’s a place

I heard Mum giggle…

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