5 Most Read Posts

Your Most Popular Posts

This is what you, my reader, have chosen to read the most. I am quite happy with the selection but one is cached at Google and gets extra hits by default. I prefer readers to read the Pages, starting with the Please Please Me (the single) story, as that reveals the narrative of the blog by telling stories rather than through analysis but what do I know…

1.We Are The Beatles; the summative story of the Learning from…Learning With The Beatles sequence now has over with 500 reads, three times anything else! Sir Kevin Donovan of Scouse (64) loves it, so who can argue with that?

2. Beatles Creativity (1) Live is the first of a new series attempting to present the Beatles History by examining their creativity as framed by the Open Context Model of Learning. Video version has 1000 reads.

3. Learning…With The Beatles; is 9 after 909 with added research, theory and analysis. The opening of the Learning…With The Beatles sequence (follow the links). Not my own overall favourite but a great opening para all the same (yep I wrote it)

4. Please Please Me; a page not a post and a great story IMHO. The opening story of this learning narrative, thoughtful comments in the footer by Russell Francis and Cristina Costa; laugh out loud funny according to Dr. Wilma. The start of my own personal learning Beyond The Classroom…

5. All You Need is Heutagogy; the cleverest post thanks to the mad soundscapes crew in Groningen, but this is my heutagogic Beatlesque homage to Michael Bracewell’s book Remake, Remodel; mind you I’d prefer it if you read the heutagogic story Revolution which is the least read story (?) I’m mythed! Go and treat yourself to my own favourite narrative…

Fastest Rising and Most Cached Posts;

Beatles Live 1957-63 on A Beatles YouTube Album, the video  version of the Beatles Creativity series, is my most popular post on any blog passing 1,000 reads in September 2010.

Beatles for Sale, the story of the first time I bought a Beatles single on the day it came out and then achieved instant party popularity, was cached by Google for many months, so not sure if it really is popular as the stats say but Tom Bibey and Kevin like it. (October 2010)


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  1. April 21, 2010 at 8:33 am

    All titles abolished. Now I’m just the holder of a B&Q Seniors’ Wednesday discount card. They left it no doubt to help with young Rocky’s revival.

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